Born in the city of Isfahan, Iran, Golnar was born into art. From an early age, she would spend hours observing her father create art. 

Later, she moved to Canada and began her formal studies, graduating from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design with a Bachelor's of Fine Art in 2005. To add to her formal training credits, Golnar also studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Capilano College, graduating in 2000.

She recalls her allure to insects - her primary subject matter - beginning in elementary school when studying the poem by the famous Persian poet Saadi. Describing the industrious and hard-working habits of ants, the poem would make a lasting impression on young Golnar. She vowed to never harm an insect again, and would go on to develop a lifelong fascination of the six-legged creatures.

While insects are generally seen as pests and insignificant, she sees a great deal of beauty in their miniature world. Throughout her life, Golnar has spent countless hours observing their amazing world of details: The variations in size, shapes and colours; their structurally complex bodies and mechanical or robotic looks; the way they move; and the amazing design patterns they exhibit.

Many of the insects she has painted are specific to places she has travelled to, her collection serves as a personal, visual travel diary. Upon closer inspection of her pieces, her fondness of incorporating Persian patterns into her paintings is evident, invoking memories of her childhood and cultural heritage. Her work has a subtle political tone that marks a specific date in history or periods of tension and unrest.

Her primary medium of expression is a combination of oil paint and Letraset. Letrasets are rub-on letters used before computers became commonplace, when graphics artwork was still prepared by hand. Golnar uses letters containing a wide range of typefaces, styles, sizes, symbols, and other graphic design elements to create her unique form of art.



2004–2006 Emily Carr Institute Art & Design - Vancouver, BC
     • Bachelor of General Fine Arts.
     • Major: Painting
1999-2002 Capillano College - North Vancouver, BC
     • Diploma in Graphic Design & Illustration
1998-1999 Capillano College - North Vancouver, BC
     • Diploma in Studio Art Program

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 Solo exhibition at Raw Canvas
2009 – 2012 and 2014 Splash (Arts Umbrella’s Annual Art Auction & Fundraising Gala)

2006 – 2008 Arnold Mikelson Annual Festival of Art
2008 Federation of Canadian Artists
2007 Center A: Vancouver International Center for Contemporary Asian Arts
2006 Surrey Art Gallery
2006 Federation of Canadian Artists (Painting on the Edge)
2006 Solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Hotel
2005 Federation of Canadian Artists
2003 Federation of Canadian Artists


• Maintained an honors average throughout the Graphic Design & Illustration Program
• Second place prize for poster contest commissioned by YVR (displayed at the airport for 1 year)
• Art work juried and accepted for Active Membership at the Federation of Canadian Artists
• Artist at the Capilano College, Graphic Design & Illustration, 2002 Graduation Show
• Commissioned by Canaccord Capital Corp. to provide oil paintings for their new corporate office in Victoria
• Commissioned by Canaccord Capital Corp. to provide original oil paintings for their President Club members

2009 – 2012 and 2014 Splash catalogue
2006 Painting on the Edge catalogue
2007 Art Avenue
2002 Art Avenue